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Sudio Ett, White

Low Maintenance Earphones
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No-fuss earphones that are easy to charge and can last longer in the rain.
  • In-Ear Earbuds
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Wireless Charging
  • Water Resistance IPX5
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Sudio Ett, White

Sudio Ett, White

Cut through the noise

Slip into an audio world where you're in control. Sudio Ett's Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is pure listening, uninterrupted, while comfort fitted detachable ear tips ensure perfect sound seal for any ear. Automatic Transparency Mode intuitively lowers noise reduction, allowing you to hear your own voice clearly, that is, if you decide to answer when the outside world calls

  • Dual microphone tecnology

    Active noise cancellation

  • IPX4

    Water resistant

  • Wing tip fit

    Wireless charging


Sudio Ett's ANC technology creates an authentic listening experience anywhere, while Transparency Mode automatically activates during calls, inviting in just enough of the outside world


With IPX5 rated ingress protection, certified to resist against rain and sweat, Sudio Ett is made for active souls


Wireless induction charging proves you can't lose a wire you never had

0 Reviews

Jennifer Mondada

I have tiny ears and haven’t been able to find a pair that will not fall out. Do you recommend any of your earbuds that would work?


Hi Jennifer! It is hard to tell if a pair of earbuds will fit you well or not, as ears come in different shapes and sizes. Trying them would be the way of knowing if they will indeed fit, but we can tell you that the package does include ear tips in several sizes so you will probably find the right fit for you! We also do offer a 30 days return just in case they don't, so you are welcome to purchase and try them out.

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Ambrosia Paglen

I'm running into an issue where audio play the left ear bud is significant quieter than on the right ear. Is there any way to fix this?


Hi! Among our customers who have described the same type of problem, these are almost always cases where there is dirt and ear wax that physically blocks the sound in the earbud. This is of course common and arises considering how the earphones are used, but in many cases it can be remedied with a little cleaning and maintenance.

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Hi, I love my sudio ett and earbuds but the left side turns off after 40-60s and say power on. The white light flashes. I tried reconnecting my buds and charging them and leaving but the issue still continues. Are the any troubleshooting options to fix this issue? Thanks.


Hi there! This sounds like a battery issue, please contact our Customer Service directly about this and they will be happy to help.

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Dag Gunnar Holthe

I have Ett but your app cannot find the earplugs. What can be the problem?


Hi there! Our App is only compatible with our products T2 and E2. The app will not be compatible with any of our older models due to our older models not having the needed firmware to make the connection to the app.

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Hej, jag skulle vilja stänga av "transparent"-modet som slås på automatiskt när jag får ett samtal. Det går inte över huvud taget att ta ett samtal om det blåser eller om jag är ute bland trafik i stan. Finns denna möjlighet? Tack!


Hi Niklas! As soon as your phone recognizes that a phone call is incoming, Ett will automatically pause what you are listening and switch to transparency mode, then let you decide whether to answer the phone call or not. The transparency mode will be on during the call regardless of use of ANC. When you end the phone call, Ett goes back to normal mode or ANC mode depending on how you were using the earbuds before the call. It is not possible to turn off the transpareny mode feature durings calls.

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